If you are thinking about moving to Spain to work, then you should check out the Beckham Law. Maybe you end up saving some money on taxes!


All you need to know about the Beckham

Learn about the Special Expats' Tax Regime in Spain

The key of the special regime is that when you are taxed as a non-resident you will most likely end up paying less taxes than a “regular” tax resident in Spain.


We offer any legal advice you may need regarding the Beckham Law

Analysis of your case

Check whether you meet the requirements to apply for the Beckham Law, how much money you can save on taxes, etc.

Apply for the Beckham Law

Get all the assistance you need to apply for the Special Expats' Tax Regime (paperwork, filing, dealing with the tax authorities, etc).

File your Income Tax Returns

We prepare and file your annual income tax return in accordance with the Special Expats' Tax Regime.


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