Last updated: March 14, 2022

The fact that you are applying the Beckham Law does not free you from having to file your annual income tax return. However, it is a different tax return from the “regular” Personal Income Tax (“PIT”) return, adapted to the particularities of the Beckham Law. Here are some of the key aspects to keep in mind:

The Income Tax return

Obligation to annually declare your incomes

All those who pay taxes under the special Beckham Law regime must file their income tax return from the first year in which they become tax residents in Spain.

Declaration form

There is a specific declaration form for this special tax regime which differs from the standard PIT statement. That is why it is recommended that you have specialist advice for its preparation.

Deadline for filing the return: Every year until the last day of June

This tax return must be filed each year from April to the end of June following the year you are filing. For example, the income tax return for calendar year 2021 must be filed between April and June (both included) of 2022.

How to file the tax return

The filing must be made electronically via Internet with any of the systems at your disposal (DNI-e, electronic certificate accepted by the Tax Agency or Cl@ve PIN, etc.).


The most common method of payment (or refund) is direct debit. However, if there is any amount to be paid, if you wish to pay by direct debit, you will have to submit the tax return before June 25 (it will be debited on June 30).

The above mentioned points are formal aspects of the tax return. In addition to that, there are also several technical aspects of the tax return that differ from the regular PIT tax return. Unless you are familiar with the special tax regime and with PIT in general, it is advisable to get legal assistance for its preparation and filing.

Legal assistance with your Income Tax return

If you need help with the preparation and filing of your annual income tax return, please check our products regarding the annual income tax return:

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