Our philosophy is based on doing few things, but doing them very well

That allows us to stand out in 3 different ways:


Regulations have become overall very complex and diffuse, but the time for research and update remains the same. In view of this situation, we believe that the only way to deliver a high-quality cost-efficient service is to concentrate on few services, but be the very best rendering them.


Focusing on few services allows us to optimize our processes, which means minimizing the waste of time in repetitive and low value-added tasks. This allows us, not only to deliver our service faster than anyone, but also to do it at extremely competitive prices.

Simple and easy

Service experience has been ignored for too long in the legal sector. For us the service experience is the X Factor, our cornerstone. We are strongly committed to provide a great experience and will keep on improving it day after day.

Who is in charge

Raúl González

Spanish tax lawyer specialised in the Beckham Law

I started my professional career at CUATRECASAS, the second largest law firm in Spain. There I began to specialize in tax law, providing legal advice to individuals and companies, both domestic and foreign, and on all types of tax matters. This includes, among others, advice on corporate tax, personal income tax, indirect taxation, tax litigation, family business taxation, and especially international taxation.

After several years in this firm, I got involved in a technological STARTUP of the ecommerce/logistics sector. This experience helped me not only to see the law from outside the world of law firms, but also to better understand the philosophy of services in the digital world, especially in terms of prioritizing the user experience.

After the enriching experience in the digital world, I returned to the purely legal sector to become part of a LEGAL BOUTIQUE SPECIALIZED IN INTERNATIONAL TAXATION. This boutique was part of an international alliance of law firms that allowed me to work on many international tax matters with clients from all over the world. During this period, I began to experiment with including elements of the digital world in the firm.

I am currently engaged in advising international clients on Spanish tax law, especially on the Beckham Law, trying to combine my experience in tax law with that of the digital sector. To this end, I try not only to provide a technically excellent service, but also to do so with special attention to the user experience of the service.

Raúl González standing with black background

Licensed lawyer

Admitted to the Madrid Bar Association (Register number: C137787)

Academic background

Double degree in Law and Business Administration at Universidad de Navarra and Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation at Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF).


Spanish, English and German